White In Time Professional Teeth Whitening FAQs


Who can use White In Time’s Professional Teeth Whitening Systems?

A. White In Time’s Professional Teeth Whitening Systems can be used on natural teeth that are not white enough. However, you should not undergo any teeth whitening treatments if you are pregnant, nursing or under 16 years of age. White In Time Professional Teeth Whitening does not affect existing dental work and does not whiten artificial dental work. White In Time Professional Teeth Whitening Systems have been proven to be highly effective on old stains created by coffee, tea, tobacco tetracycline staining and genetics darkening.


Why is White In Times 20% peroxide Whitening Gel better than others?

A. White In Times 20% peroxide whitening gel is superior to store bought whitening gels because it is professional strength, just like your dentist uses but at a fraction of the cost.  Our peroxide whitening gel is a pure blend of carbamide peroxide with no fillers or dangerous chemicals. This 20% carbamide peroxide whitening gel is designed to achieve the fastest, most dramatic professional results in the least amount of time.


White In Time vs my dentist teeth whitening options?

A. Teeth whitening options from your dentist typically run $500 to $1000 for each procedure and is the same system White In Time Professional Teeth Whitening offers you! Dental insurance typically does not cover teeth whitening procedures therefore becoming far too expensive for the average client. Not any more! Let White In Time make you smile today!


What will it take to get results?

A. 1. With white In Times custom fitted tray Teeth Whitening System you can notice up to 3 shades whiter after the first use! Dramatic results typically are achieved after 12 consecutive days of use. After the initial 12 at home sessions you will only need to whiten once every 3 months!

A. 2. With White In Times Light Enhanced Teeth Whitening System 3 sessions of 15 min and you get results of up to 7 shades lighter during a one hour appointment.

A. 3. With White In Times Premium Teeth Whitening Package provides the ability to lift up to 14 shades in one week and maintain and/or increase whitening over time.



Is it safe?

A. Yes! Many studies have been performed by the Academy of general Dentistry (AGD) on the effectiveness and safety of 20% carbamide peroxides on teeth.  They have found that only pure non-mixed peroxides, like White In Time’s Whitening 20% carbamide peroxide gel can safely remove tooth stains or yellowing.  Some people experience tooth sensitivity while using whitening products but the sensitivity is not harmful or permanent.  These symptoms can be reduced if not avoided by limiting and/or reducing the amount of peroxide exposure time.


How long does one tube of teeth whitening gel last?

A. 1 tube of 20% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel, comes with the White In Time custom fitted tray Professional Teeth Whitening System and the Premium Professional Teeth Whitening Package. The tube should last through your initial whitening. Most people do not need a whole tube to achieve their desired whitest smile. Any left over gel can be used and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 years after opening and works great for maintenance. White In Time also sells our professional gel separately.


How does White In Time Professional Teeth Whitening Options Remove Stains?

A. Trays: The active ingredient in the 20% carbamide peroxide gel is broken down and oxygen mixes to start breaking down the stained organic deposits and oxidizes them into a white color. This safe whitening process allows your tooth structure to remain unchanged and your new bright smile to shine through.


Can I use my Invisalign teeth trays with your gel?

A. Yes, however we do not recommend it because invisalign is made to fit very tight, which would not provide enough room for your gel to be evenly applied and could possibly push the gel into your mouth.



Does your teeth whitening systems damage tooth enamel?

A. No! Studies show risks are limited to temporary tooth sensitivity